Smart vine variety selection & management using ICT


Precision agriculture is a radically new area of ​​computational intelligence and is a truly interdisciplinary project. Consequently, scientists, researchers and experts with complementary skills and expertise should work together to develop models and tools aimed at intensive data discovery and recovery, allowing their use by users who are not in need of trained computer scientists.

In the framework of EVINOS proposal, we focus on precision viticulture and will take into account a set of basic parameters, which may be summarized in the following  order of significance: location & microclimate vineyard qualitative characteristics of the soil, soil drainage, delimitation / vineyard orientation, soil preparation, selection of the appropriate range.

NSRF Ionian Islands 2014-20Knowledge Base

Integrated system of accurate viticulture

The collection of environmental data allows for drawing some direct conclusions and propose improvements to optimize crop management and performance.

The implementation of the project involves environmental monitoring systems, network structures and methods of engineering knowledge.

Integrated system of accurate viticulture
Meteorological stations

Meteorological stations

The purpose of the project is to capture the wider environmental conditions in the selected crops and to implement and install a standardized environmental monitoring system to allow more accurately recording and increased fidelity of the requested variables.

Prototype Soil Metering Stations

The implementation of the project is distinguished in the construction of a parameterizable device receiving environment variables that supports communication protocols with other software platforms for the sharing and presentation of measurements.

Prototype Soil Metering Stations

Prototype vineyards

The main stage of the project is the selection of pilot crops / vineyards. Key criteria for their selection are:

  • the wine-growing history


  • the orientation


  • the micro-climate


  • the area


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